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Kleos is a Telecommunication Company specialized in designing, building and operating the world's most advanced wireless broadband access networks.

Kleos Mission is to set a new standard in designing and operating states of the art wireless data networks. In addition to providing world class and optimum network designs, the company's goal is to offer information transport services at the highest quality, maximum mobility and lowest cost.

Kleos Team is led by seasoned professionals with decades of applicable experience in the design, implementation and operation of high-performance information systems and space and terrestrial networks, as well as in the specification, design and creation of our flagship technology, HC-SDMA (iBurst™) radio-access technology, in association with US and Japanese equipment manufacturers.

Since 2002, we have led or participated in designing, deploying and setting up in operation more than 10 high-performance IP Mobile Broadband networks in various countries, including the USA (in partnership with major system integrators), European countries, South Africa, and SW Asia.

In association with our partners, we are currently very active in Europe & the Middle East, especially in several countries of the GCC, where we are obtaining licenses to implement & operate nationwide mobile broadband networks.

In addition, we are actively contributing, in association with world-class manufacturers & system integrators, to the extension and performance improvements of our mobile broadband technologies, through specification and creation of important network ancillaries and devices, such as portable user terminals, interoperability hardware and software, as well as customer-specific applications.